24 February 2021

OTC's Oldtime Guitar Retreat, 9-11 Apr. 2021

The editors of Oldtime Central (OTC) announce:

Here at Oldtime Central, we've been working to put together events that can bring the community together during this time spent apart. In that spirit, we are happy to present our next event: The Oldtime Guitar Retreat!

The Retreat (9-11 Apr. 2021) is a virtual weekend focused on the guitar in old-time music, with workshops by four teachers, concerts, jams, 'hangs', a tour of a luthier's workshop with a Q&A session, and a workshop to introduce pickers to the Alexander Technique, a well established method of improving posture, performance, and general well-being. (For readers in Ireland: there's an Alexander Technique Centre near Galway city). The editors add:

In an effort to make our events accessible to everyone, we've also added an option to the registration form for participants to donate to a scholarship fund. 100% of the scholarship fund will be used to cover the cost of attendance for players who might have trouble attending otherwise. We want these to be community events - the more the merrier - and we're looking forward to spending the weekend with all of you.

Full details, including bios of the teachers and links to schedules and registration, are on the OTC e-newsletter.

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