18 February 2021

Kody Norris Show (USA) on Song of the Mountains, 6 Mar. 2021

Thanks to Tim White for the news that on Saturday 6 March at 7.00 p.m. Song of the Mountains, the organisation holding monthly concerts in the Lincoln Theatre, Marion, VA, will present the Kody Norris Show (above), the high-energy bluegrass band in the in-your-face tradition of Jimmy Martin, who would in happier circumstances have wowed the audiences at last year's Westport festival.

The Kody Norris Show consists of Kody (guitar, lead vocals), Mary Rachel Nalley (fiddle), Josiah Tyree (banjo) and Cousin Charlie Lowman (bass). On the concert, they will be supported by Lightnin’ Charlie (Americana and gospel music) and driving bluegrass from Jonah Riddle & Carolina Express. The concert will be streamed live and also taped for later TV showing.

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