14 January 2021

Ricky Skaggs to receive National Medal of Arts

As reported by the BIB fourteen months ago, Alison Krauss received the National Medal of Arts (left), the US government's supreme award for outstanding achievements in the arts fields, presented to her by President Donald Trump at the White House. It was reported yesterday on Bluegrass Today that the medal is being (or has been?) conferred on Ricky Skaggs in recognition of his long, distinguished career in bluegrass and traditional country music. The article includes the video of Skaggs's 'Country boy', in which Bill Monroe plays a conspicuous part.

While the BT writes that the 'Presidential Medal' has been awarded by the current president, it appears from Wikipedia that recommendations from an advisory committee of the National Endowment for the Arts have to be approved by a president, who then hands over the National Medals at the award ceremony, but does not necessarily 'award' them as a personal choice.



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