23 November 2020

Looking backwards, and forwards

The BIB editor writes:

When it comes to remembering people or things that are no longer with us, bluegrass music has few rivals. The New England band Rock Hearts have released a poignant video of the title song from their recent debut album Starry southern nights, which can be seen on YouTube. More details are on Bluegrass Today. Rock Hearts have not visited Ireland yet, but many of the artists involved in the following news items have Irish 'history'.

Tribute is paid to the late Steve Gulley in two recent recordings by friends and bandmates. Phil Leadbetter & the All Stars of Bluegrass have released a video for 'One way rider', from their album Swing for the fences which was recorded shortly before Steve's death; his vocals are an important ingredient of the cut. The video can be seen on YouTube and on Bluegrass Today. A wide and distinguished group of those who knew Steve Gulley have come together to record the Mark Wheeler song 'In the resurrection morning', looking forward to reunion. This can also be heard on YouTube and Bluegrass Today.

Finally, looking forward just as far as the coming Christmas, Darin and Brooke Aldridge, who recently signed with Billy Blue Records, have released a single, 'Light of the stable'; see David Morris's feature on Bluegrass Today.

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