24 November 2020

Jody Stecher on music

The latest episode in Dave Berry's 'California report' series on Bluegrass Today is 'Jody Stecher discusses his new release and a lot more', and 'a lot more' are the operative words. This is a major interview with an outstanding multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and composer who has gone deeply into many genres of music.

The feature includes several videos - this one is an excerpt from a video he made, Celtic melodies for flatpicking guitar. The new double album, Dreams from the Overlook, can be bought on the website of Jody Stecher and his wife and music partner Kate Brislin, both of whom have visited Ireland singly or together. Here's a very brief sample from the interview:

Most working bluegrass musicians I’ve met are at least curious about other music. Many are seriously interested in other kinds of music, and often are good players in other genres. It’s always been like that, as bluegrass itself is a confluence of many streams. Most keep their musical interests separate. Who wants to hear a fiddler that sounds like a violinist? A guitarist who plays jazz chords in a bluegrass band is going to ruin the music. Each music has its own special beauty and musical toolbox.

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