12 October 2020

Steve Martin Banjo Prize: five winners in 2020

On 20 August the BIB reported on the new organisation and new title of the Steve Martin Banjo Prize, which from now on will not be confined to bluegrass, old-time, or the 5-string banjo. This year, in view of the unprecedented circumstances, the $50,000 prize money is divided among five recipients.

Thanks to Rolling Stone for the news that an official presentation will be made on the FreshGrass Festival’s virtual #FreshStreams event, which starts at 8.00 p.m. ET on Wednesday. The five honorees are:
Thanks to Devon Leger of Hearth Music for a very informative press release on Jake Blount, including two performance videos, and a third video focused on his custom-built six-string banjo.

PS: More information, including photos of all the recipients, is now in John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today. A feature by Stacy Chandler is also on No Depression.

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