15 October 2020

Patrick McAvinue joins the US Navy

Patrick McAvinue (right) came to Ireland first about fifteen or sixteen years ago in his mid teens with Tom Mindte's Patuxent Partners, went on to fiddle for Audie Blaylock & Redline, Charm City Junction, and Dailey & Vincent, and won the IBMA's Momentum Instrumentalist of the Year Award in 2015 and its Fiddle Player of the Year Award two years later.

He has now joined the US Navy, and will be serving as a member of the US Navy Band's 'Country Current' division, devoted to playing country and bluegrass music. This is a career path that was pioneered by Bluegrass Hall of Fame member Bill Emerson (who was chiefly responsible for building up the band's bluegrass capability) and followed by Wayne Taylor, who toured Ireland with his band Appaloosa in autumn 2019. See also John Lawless's news item on Bluegrass Today.

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