08 October 2020

Dobro™ lessons online from Jerry Douglas

Modern Music Masters Inc. announce a new course in their programme of online instrument tuition: 'The resophonic guitar with Jerry Douglas: a guided tour towards learning and mastering the Dobro™. The master (right) says in his introduction:

I created this course for three different reasons:
  • To give beginner reso players a solid start by teaching foundational skills
  • To share insights with experienced players that can fix any bad habits they may have acquired
  • To offer fans of reso guitars an inside look at how it’s made and how it’s played
'The Resophonic Guitar' serves as a stand-alone tutorial, and a perfect introduction to
The Jerry Douglas method, my upcoming comprehensive course.

There's a 2:45-minute introductory video on the website, and a list of fourteen sections, each with its constituent lessons, some of which can be previewed free of charge. The regular price is $249, but for a limited period there's a special 10% discounted price, $224 (Tennessee residents pay a little more on both prices). See also John Lawless's feature on Bluegrass Today.

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