10 August 2020

News from Kate Lissauer

Kate Lissauer (left), who brought her Buffalo Gals band (GB) to the 28th Bluegrass Omagh Music Festival last autumn, sends her greetings and announces:

On Saturday 15 August at 7.00 p.m. Jenny Read (one of our amazing Buffalo Gals Stampede dancers) and I will be live on stage as part of the Merlin Theatre (Frome, Somerset) outdoor summer festival; a short concert packed with the best of traditional and original Appalachian music and percussive dance.

This is a fundraiser gig for the theatre and the artists. Due to social distancing the audience will be limited to sixty people, and tickets (£10.50) should be booked online. Kate also draws attention to one of her most recent projects, Sonic Silents, in which she, Leon Hunt, and Jason Titley bring live accompaniment to early 1920s and '30s Hollywood silent Wild West shorts. A sample can be seen here.

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