05 October 2019

The OB-3 'Twanger' from Gold Tone

Exciting news for any bluegrass-banjo-playing BIB readers: the Gold Tone Music Group announce their latest model, the OB-3 'Twanger', designed to replicate the iconic Gibson RB-3 'Banger' played by J.D. Crowe.

Like 'Banger', the 'Twanger' is distinguished by a no-hole tone ring, which (say Gold Tone) 'really tightens up the sustain. [...] We've designed hundreds of banjos in the last 25 years, but tone-wise, this outperforms every previous model.' Full details and specs are here; you can see a video about it on the YouTube channel of Banjo Ben Clark (one of its designers), which can be reached through this Gold Tone e-newsletter; and best of all, you can enter a free draw with a chance of winning a new OB-3, also through a link on the e-newsletter.

NB: More details, including price, are on Banjo Ben's store website.

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At 9:46 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I have one, excellent banjo, probably the best master line available now. Great tone, easy playability.

At 2:54 pm, Blogger Richard Hawkins said...

The BIB would be glad to hear from anyone else with personal experience of the OB-3. One of them can be seen being put through its paces by Gabe Hirshfeld on the Gold Tone website and on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js3zTwUaYpU&t=152s and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3e_afPvVKA. In the second of these, he compares the OB-3 directly with a pre-war Gibson RB-3, 9580-4.

BIB editor, 28 June 2021


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