13 October 2019

Adams & Staats at Ardara - and now on video

Following the BIB post yesterday on the start of the tour by the outstanding US guitar-and-mandolin duo of Brandon Lee Adams and Johnny Staats, thanks to Dave Byrne jr of mygrassisblue.com, who sends this photo from the first show of the tour - in the bluegrass-friendly Beehive Bar, Ardara, Co. Donegal. Dave writes:

The first gig was special – they truly are phenomenal musicians and it’s a pleasure to not only facilitate their tour but also to be around them.

I’ve put a few select videos on our Facebook page of what’s in store for those who come out to see the guys. Seeing them play, it’s really hard to believe that before last night they had never – NEVER – before played a gig together.

I’ll be hoping to highlight the tour as best I can on our Facebook page as we move around the country over the coming week, but keep in mind that the gig on Friday next (18 Oct.) from the Aran Islands will be streamed LIVE on the IBMA Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/intlbluegrass/). We’re due to get going on the night at 8.30 p.m.


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