09 November 2018

'The promise' from Barry & Holly Tashian (USA)

Thanks to Niall Toner for this link to 'The promise', sung by Barry and Holly Tashian, with Ross Sermons on bass.

Barry and Holly (left) brought their E-5 Band over for a tour, including the Bunratty Bluegrass Festival, two years ago. The song was released on their CD Long story short. This video appears on Carl Carlson's 'Bluegrass on the Tube' channel, which issues a different video every day. Niall adds:

This just came in today, and it's Barry and Holly Tashian singing a song I wrote with them for a possible Carter Family tribute album, which, sadly, never got made. The brief was to compose a modern song 'in-the-style-of' the Carter Family, and this was our pitch.

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