07 July 2018

Rapidgrass (USA) in Ireland, 26-9 July 2018

Thanks again to Sharon Loughrin for drawing our attention to the brief tour in Ireland by Colorado's Rapidgrass (also on Facebook) at the end of this month.

Rapidgrass (above) consist of Mark Morris (guitar, vocals), Coleman Smith (violin, mandolin, vocals); Carl Minorkey (upright bass, tenor banjo, vocals); and Alex Johnstone (mandolin, fiddle, vocals). They play 'modern, acoustic, Colorado mountain music' - 'Rapid' refers to the whitewater rapids of Colorado rivers - making use of classical, gypsy, bluegrass, pop, swing, and other world rhythms.

Their tour in this island begins on Thursday 26 July and continues to Sunday 29 July. Their website gives no locations at present, but the final show on the 29th will be at the Red Room, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone - Sharon writes: 'check them out, they're fantastic, couldn't pass up that opportunity!' Details for the other dates will be on the BIB calendar as soon as we have them.

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