17 March 2018

Music for St Patrick's day

Thanks once again to Donal McKernan in Australia, whose 'Smoky wind' appeared on the BIB last September as an example of the 'browngrass' music being made by his family. Donal now sends us this link to another article by his father Joe, posted two days ago on the Bruderhof community blog. The article describes the life of Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) and includes two audio recordings, 'Lord Inchiquin' and 'Loftus Jones', played beautifully by members of the McKernan family. Mr McKernan also offers to send recordings of two more Carolan compositions and the 'Tarbolton' set of reels, played by the same musicians.
Moving to another part of the world, here from among the many examples on YouTube are three versions of 'Paddy on the turnpike': by Bill Monroe and Doc Watson, by Trevor and Travis Stuart, and the non-modal 'Sarah Armstrong's "Paddy on the turnpike"', by Adam Hurt, Emily Schaad, and friends. And as a bonus, here's Charlie Poole's 'Leaving dear old Ireland'.

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