07 December 2017

Rhythm guitar instruction from Stephen Mougin

The important role of rhythm instruments in playing bluegrass is often understated, so it's good news that Stephen 'Mojo' Mougin, 'one of the most respected jack-of-all-trades in acoustic music', has produced a new instruction video: 'Bluegrass rhythm evolution: rhythm approaches and techniques for bluegrass guitar'.

Chris Jones (who will be on tour in Ireland with his band in Feb.-Mar. 2018) produced a very helpful video on rhythm guitar some years ago, but this seems to be no longer available. Mougin's new guide also shows how bluegrass rhythm styles have been developed from the 1940s by leading musicians, and how a particular rhythm pattern will fit a particular song. An introductory video can be seen on YouTube, on the news section of Stephen Mougin's website, and on Bluegrass Today, where more details are given.

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