06 September 2017

Mikaya Taylor: the Irish connection

On 2 June the BIB mentioned 12-year old Mikaya Taylor (left) from Lawrenceburg, KY, as a striking example of the rising generation of young musicians in the States. We added: 'The BIB doesn't usually carry news about US artists unless there's some Irish connection.'

Thanks to Traci Taylor, Mikaya's mother, we now know that there is a  connection: Mikaya's family on her father's side is all from England and Ireland. Mrs Taylor reports:

She has always wanted to go to Ireland just to see where her family came from. Hopefully, if people hear she wants to come, they can make it happen for us. Mikaya would absolutely love that.

Links to YouTube videos of Mikaya singing 'Gentle river' and 'Ghost in this house' with Blue Mafia show how much her voice has grown. Another CD is planned, so we'll keep watching for it.

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