06 June 2017

The West's awake this weekend!

A welcome reminder from Uri Kohen, head of the organising team in Westport, Co. Mayo, together with these sticker images:

The 11th Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival is taking place this weekend (9-11 June). The 2017 festival is bound to be the biggest and most ambitious one to date.

The festival will include many favourite gigs as well as some new additions to the programme. The programme will see 20 official gigs in 11 different venues, 2 workshops, 1 children’s concert, 1 vinyl record fair, 1 luthiers’ exhibition, 1 official session, and many more spontaneous ones.

Performing at the festival will be 18 different acts from 4 different countries - 10 of them are international and 8 are Irish-based. The 18 acts are made up of 60 individual musicians…. and that’s just the official count! No doubt, there will many more people arriving in town with banjos and fiddles under their oxters.

Tickets are still available via the festival's website. The festival's organising committee are very much looking forward to see all music fans in Westport this weekend.

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