08 March 2017

Cup O' Joe flavour in two new UK bands

In addition to waking up the bluegrass scene in this island as Cup O' Joe, Reuben, Tabitha, and Benjamin Agnew from Co. Armagh have now branched out into membership of two new young UK bluegrass bands. Tabitha is banjo player for the hot and hard-driving all-female Midnight Skyracer (above), and Reuben and Benjamin are playing in the all-male Propane Brothers (below). More details, including videos of both bands in action, appeared yesterday on Bluegrass Today.

BIB editor's note: See Colin Henry's comment on this post, below.

Update 12 Mar.: The Midnight Skyracer video can also be seen on the Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival Facebook.

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At 7:18 pm, Blogger Colin Henry said...

And isn't it just great Richard to see Bluegrass in young hands, and great hands they are. Better young beardy boys than old beardy boys like us!


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