01 June 2016

Way out west - in Co. Leitrim, that is

People who like both bluegrass music and the American West have a treat coming this weekend: the Cowboys & Heroes Country Music & Americana Festival at Drumcoura City, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim, a Western-styled equitation centre beside Drumcoura Lake.

Among the other music on offer, bluegrass will be provided on Sunday 5 June by Woodbine and on Monday 6 June by the Kentucky Cow Tippers (GB; see the BIB for 24 May). You can expect to hear 'Jesse James' at least, and it's hoped that someone will be doing 'Goodbye old pal', 'Bravest cowboy', or 'Out on the western plains'. 'Montana cowboy' may be too much to hope for.

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