21 January 2016

A new gate on to Memory Lane

Almost three years ago, thanks to a photo and information supplied by Brian Trench, the BIB published a post on the House of David Jug Band, a musical conglomerate active in Dublin in 1965-6. The central member of the band, and a prominent figure on the Dublin folk scene in the '60s, was Trevor Crozier (1944-95).

We're delighted to learn, from his comment on that 2013 post, that Laurent Quevilly has set up a handsome, well organised, and very informative website about Trevor and his wide-ranging career, including a comprehensive discography and lyrics of Trevor's compositions. Laurent also operates 'Le Canard de Duclair', a blog that is 'le site des passionnés d'histoire des boucles de la Seine normande', so his excellent site on Trevor is entirely in French except for direct quotations from English, Breton, and other non-French sources.

Anyone with memories or photos of Trevor is invited to send them in through the 'Contact' page of the website.

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