15 July 2015

Bluegrass in Baltimore release party, 2 Aug. 2015

Following on news items on the BIB in February, March, and June, thanks to Curley Street Media for a reminder that on 2 August the Charm City Folk and Bluegrass Festival 2015 will present the book release party for Tim Newby's new book, Bluegrass in Baltimore: the hard drivin' sound and its legacy, at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD, where tickets are now available online. Tim Newby will be on the Maryland Morning Radio show with Tom Hall on 88.1 WYPR at 9.00 a.m. on 29 July, two weeks from now, to discuss the book and the release party.

Newby will also be at the party, where there will be discussions and music from leading musicians on the Baltimore bluegrass scene, including Cris Jacobs & Patrick McAvinue, Caleb Stine, and Bluestone. Bluegrass in Baltimore is published by McFarland Books and can be bought from their website for $35.00. An introductory video on the book can be seen on YouTube and on the book's Facebook.

A note from a Dublin perspective: I Draw Slow are playing at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore tonight (15 July) as part of their current US tour.

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