03 April 2015

Calling all mountain dulcimer players

Thanks to the secretary of FOAOTMAD, the UK's premier old-time music association, for this questionnaire - note that players in Ireland are specifically included:

Having spent the weekend at the Palestine Dulcimer and Old Time festival in Texas surrounded by hundreds of dulcimer players, I am curious to know how popular the mountain/Appalachian/lap dulcimer is in the UK. It certainly features prominently in our logo [above left].

So here’s a bit of research. It’s for my personal interest although the results summary will be passed on to the FOAOTMAD committee in case they are able to use it to justify a bit of promotion. I’m specifically after UK- and Ireland-based responses, but elsewhere is fine too. Non-FOAOTMAD members are also welcome to respond.

So, remembering that I’m only interested in mountain/ Appalachian/ lap dulcimer players here, what I need to know – e-mailed to info@foaotmad.org.uk – is:

Name (optional – I’ll already have an e-mail from the response)

Home area – in a general form e.g. south-west England, County Cork, that sort of thing. I don’t want actual addresses.

1 – I play (a) often (b) sometimes (C) it looks good on the wall
2 – I use (a) tab/numbered frets (b) music notation (c) play by ear (d) a mix
3 – I play mainly (a) oldtime (b) bluegrass (c) folk (d) a mix
4 – I am a member of a dulcimer organisation – yes/no
5 – if yes, what is the organisation name
6 – I am a FOAOTMAD member – yes/no

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At 12:58 am, Blogger Unknown said...

I would love to hear from anyone who plays the mountain dulcimer near me in Galway. I am hoping to learn.
Galway City

At 2:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are a few Mountain Dulcimer players in Ireland, one I know of lives in Sligo the other lives in Tullamore.


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