02 April 2015

Bologna and bluegrass

Three weeks ago the BIB carried the news that the Moron Brothers (USA) - who toured in Ireland last September (including the Bunratty Banjo Festival), and about whom much more can be seen on the BIB post for 25 May 2014 - have started their own Video Channel with Carbon TV.

We now learn from the Prescription Bluegrass Blog (PBB) that the success of the Brothers' 'Bologna song' and video have led to their joining forces with the PBB to launch a School of Bologna: every Friday a lecture in 'Bologna 101 - A lighter look at life' will appear on the PBB. An introductory release explains the importance of bologna sausage in the Southern lifestyle.

There must be some way of forging a transatlantic connection with our friends in 0039 Bluegrass Made In Italy (also on Facebook), composed of former members of Red Wine (Luca Bartolini and Maria Grazia Branca), one present member of Red Wine (Marco Ferretti), and two founder members (Gianni Stefanini and Paolo Ercoli) of Bononia Grass, centred on Bologna in northern Italy. All right, so one Bologna is a sausage and the other is an ancient regional capital and university city, but...

0039 Bluegrass Made In Italy: (l-r) Maria Grazia Branca (bass), Luca Bartolini (guitar), Gianni Stefanini (mandolin), Marco Ferretti (banjo, guitar), Paolo Ercoli (resonator guitar)

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