03 March 2015

The music of the Stanley Brothers

On Dr Ralph Stanley's birthday last week, the BIB mentioned Gary B. Reid's book The music of the Stanley Brothers, published earlier this year by the University of Illinois Press as part of its 'Music in American Life' series.

Gary Reid has a unique knowledge of the Stanleys and their music, and the book - over 300 pages, with 51 photos, a discography, and a wealth of biographical information from many sources - is unlikely ever to be superseded. Don't take the BIB's word for it: read this Bluegrass Today review feature by Richard Thompson, whose own knowledge of bluegrass music and its history is formidable; he gives the book a solid and cordial endorsement.

NB: At the time of writing this post, the link for those who want to order an autographed copy from the author leads to a warning of a possible 'phishing' site. It should instead be an e-mail link to Gary Reid.

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