15 February 2015

'Precious memories' - radio interview

Thanks to singer/songwriter and activist Si Kahn (USA) for this news:

Tune in to ROUNDTABLE! on 91.7 FM WSGE at noon today (Sunday 15 February) to hear a half-hour interview with Si Kahn and old-time banjo virtuoso Sue Massek [above], who stars in Si's new one-woman musical 'Precious memories'.

The show, about an Eastern Kentucky coal-mining family in the early 1930s, opens for a two-week, eight-production run this coming Thursday (19 February) at Warehouse Performing Arts Center in Cornelius, North Carolina, half an hour north of Charlotte.

Sue plays traditional singer and union songwriter Sarah Ogan Gunning, whose songs are featured in the musical and on ROUNDTABLE! this morning. The interview with Sue and Si will begin at about 12.30 p.m.

For those out of range, the show can be streamed live here. You can reach the program’s host Randy Walker for comments by e-mail. Also, please look for Podcasts of selected show segments from the Roundtable at the WSGE website.

The photo shows Sue Massek in costume for the part of Sarah Ogan Gunning. She also plays banjo with the Reel World String Band.

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