23 February 2015

I Draw Slow - now in the USA

Earlier this month Dave Holden of Dublin's I Draw Slow (pictured) mentioned that the band would be touring in the US and Britain in 2015; so thanks to their record label Pinecastle Records (USA) for more details on their first tour:

I Draw Slow, of Ireland, is currently stateside for a winter 2015 tour with a couple of dates in the Northwest. The group has just attended the 27th Annual Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City, MO and is now headed to Mississippi Studios in Portland, OR [23 Feb.], and then on to Wintergrass in Belleview, WA [26-7 Feb.].

I Draw Slow released their second album, White wave chapel, on Pinecastle last summer and have since released two videos of songs from the album, 'Valentine' and 'Souvenirs'. The 'Valentine' video features actor Aiden Gillen, famous for his roles on 'Game of thrones', 'The wire', and many more, alongside the band. White wave chapel is the third album from the band full of original tunes written by Dave and Louise Holden who, with the help of their band, have blended the sounds of old-time Appalachia, Irish and bluegrass music. The band will return to the US and Canada this summer with tour dates to be announced soon.

What people are saying about White wave chapel:

... it seems a matter of time before I Draw Slow will dominate the global folk scene. (Huffington Post UK)
For an all-acoustic group, I Draw Slow sure do have a fully realized sound. (The Bluegrass Situation)
It's as gritty as it is beautiful. (CMT Edge)

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