16 February 2015

EWOB website operational again!

For some time, the website of the European World of Bluegrass (EWOB) Festival - held every year since 1998 in the Netherlands - has been undergoing reconstruction. The BIB drew attention to this on 24 June last year and advised using the EWOB Facebook for information while waiting for the website to be returned to full operational status.

We're glad to learn that this has now been achieved, and the website can be visited at the old address, http://www.ewob.nl/. Full details of this year's EWOB Festival (14-16 May 2015) at Voorthuizen are not yet online, but the lineup and programme should be on display in the very near future.

And yes, that is a piano-accordion you can see at bottom left in the poster image - the band is the Stroatklinkers from Groningen province in the northern Netherlands, and Henk Bloupot plays good, hard-driving bluegrass piano-accordion!

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