27 January 2015

A treat, and an education

The International Bluegrass Band at IBMA's World of Bluegrass 2007: Arnold Lasseur of the Blue Grass Boogiemen, Kazuhiro Inaba, Sean McKerr (now of KingBlue), Butch Robins
Source: the Butch Robins website

Many thanks to Dick Bowden of New England and Bluegrass Today for a feature on banjo legend Butch Robins and a series of videos he has made with Radford University in Virginia. This adds up to several hours of Butch talking to the camera, and every minute is worth it. There is just too much to say about this, but Butch's words are what counts. As Dick Bowden says:

This video series is highly recommended if you’re interested in Butch Robins, Bill Monroe, the history of bluegrass and those who make it, music theory, trivia, or even 'art' as a concept.

And it’s free.

You can't beat that. The feature, with links to the videos and brief outlines of what is in each, is here.

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