26 October 2014

The clock is ticking...

A reminder of the BIB post of a week ago, when Willie Campbell announced that he hopes to present the Special Consensus (USA) at Campbell's Tavern, Cloughanover, Headford, Co. Galway, on 11 Jan. 2015, and has adopted the 'crowd-funding' method to ensure that the show can be put on and will at least break even.

Breaking even, in this case, amounts to 78 tickets (€15 each) being booked in advance by next Friday (31 Oct.). As Willie points out:

It's an all-or-nothing concept, so if we sell 77 by the cut-off date then the gig does not go ahead and your card does not get debited. This is our first attempt at this, and it could really open things up for music fans countrywide to broaden the gigs available.

Bookings and pledges can be made through the Tavern/Special C. page on the icrowdfund.ie website, where you can learn more about both the venue and the band. At the time of writing, the show is 54% funded with 6 days left to the deadline. So 42 people, so far, are definitely intending to come; but for the show to happen, at least another 36 need to commit to enjoying this superb band.

The Special C. won two awards at the 2014 IBMA World of Bluegrass earlier this month, where they also met and performed with the fine Davidson Brothers band from Australia - following which, they will be touring in Australia in the middle of next month.

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