25 June 2014

An outstanding guitar coming on to the market

Frank Robinson, enduring pillar of the bluegrass community in Northern Ireland, sends the news that he will be coming to the 24th Athy Bluegrass Festival at Athy, Co. Kildare, next month, and adds:

I shall be bringing my 1988 Dan Crary Signature Model Taylor guitar and I hope to sell it. If anyone is interested they should talk to me and we maybe can come to some agreement. [...] All offers will be considered.

The photo - better ones can be found online - shows a 1993 DCSM, not Frank's. Internet sources seem to agree that the DCSM (of whatever vintage - introduced in 1986, it is now no longer in production) is an outstanding instrument. Frank is a longtime friend of Dan Crary, and his DCSM is likely to be a particularly good one.

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