24 February 2014

'Bluegrass in Ireland' - one year old today!

The BIB and its editor heartily congratulate Ray O'Brien and his Facebook page 'Bluegrass in Ireland'. Yesterday (Sunday) Ray announced that today will mark the first completed year of his page's life as 'an open resource for bluegrass activity in Ireland'. Though he knows now the blood, toil, tears, and sweat that go into keeping up such a service, he has found it 'a total joy to work on' and looks forward to years more of the same. That's the spirit, Ray!

If there's one shortcoming in the Facebook format, it is that some of a post's most important content may not be visible to the reader at first sight. So the BIB takes the liberty of drawing attention, and adding bold type, to Ray's closing request:

If I could ask just one thing of you all for the future, is that you keep us up to date with all the bluegrass/old-time ongoings in your area; and remember, you all own this page, and your contributions make this page what it is.

Many happy returns, 'Bluegrass in Ireland'!



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