20 December 2012

Tom Hanway - picking (TONIGHT) and publishing

Tom Hanway (left) reports:

I just put a new 730 amp battery in the failing camper, with two shows on Thursday 20 December: one in Dublin, Sweeney's Mongrel, Dame Street, 5.00-7.00 p.m.; then JPs, Main St., Cavan, 10.00-midnight. I’m playing a full-tilt duo with ferocious Dublin flatpicker and singer Hugh Taggart, then driving straight to Cavan to pick newgrass and country with Breffni Bluegrass, one of the best vocal bands in Ireland, and getting tighter.

I am ecstatic: I made my publishing deadline for my third Mel Bay collection, recently submitting the manuscript and CD master for Mel Bay’s Easy Irish and Celtic melodies for 5-string banjo: best-loved airs and session tunes. It’s aimed at bluegrass banjo players who are looking for even older traditional melodies.

Product description: The goal of this collection is to open up to 5-string banjoists the treasure trove of Irish, Celtic and British Isles folk melodies that are known throughout the world. The book includes chords, standard notation and tablature, with play-along tracks and real-time tempos for the accompanying audio. Through these 32 best-loved airs and song melodies, some of them hundreds of years old, Tom Hanway demonstrates contemporary 'Celtic fingerstyle banjo' using modern techniques and standard G tuning. These are easy tunes for beginners and intermediate players, with tempo settings indicated as an aid to learning and practicing these treasured pieces. Additionally, this collection is also aimed at advanced players who are keen on learning subtle arrangements of traditional airs, songs and tunes.

This is the companion work to Mel Bay’s Easy Irish and Celtic tunes for 5-string banjo: best-loved jigs and reels (2012), with 68 tunes, combining for a total of 100 Celtic melodies. Through these lessons, one can learn to play stock traditional tunes, which work alone or can be combined in medleys to play at sessions anywhere.

BIB editor's note: Tom's publications are also available in e-book form; see here.

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At 5:19 pm, Blogger Cathy Desmond said...

I enjoyed Tom Hanway's gig in Crusheen Clare with Dave Harper. Great banjo picking and songs too.


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