03 October 2012

Tribute to Earl Scruggs from Leon Hunt

Thanks to Loudon of the Brookfield Knights agency for the news that leading UK banjoist Leon Hunt (left) has prepared an album of 'old-fashioned bluegrass' as a tribute to Earl Scruggs. Loudon writes:  

The resultant album, entitled Farewell Blues (Remembering Earl Scruggs), is a sizzler and gets its UK release next month, with the project premiered at the big Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow in January. After that, the band takes the blistering show on the road around the UK during April. 

We are in the process of gathering interest in order to determine routing. If you would like to provide a slot, please get back to us; and where possible, let us know what dates are available. 

This tour will have a major promo and marketing push with copies of the CD distributed on a widespread basis and is bound to generate a lot of media attention (print and radio). Full colour over-printed posters and flyers for all venues.

Further details of the album will be on the BIB as soon as we see them. A nice picture of Leon with Earl can be seen in the photo section of the Leon Hunt website.

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