15 April 2012

Tweeting your way to success

For bands and others with a business interest in bluegrass music, the IBMA is presenting a webinar, led by Andrea Compton, on 'Tweeting your way to success: how to effectively use Twitter to promote your band, bluegrass event, or business'. If you already have Facebook, learn what an additional and different contribution Twitter can make to your PR strategy. The webinar, to be held on 17 April 2012, will cost $20 to IBMA members and $40 to non-members. Full details can be seen here.

The BIB editor takes this opportunity to apologise for not replying to all who have invited him to join them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and similar media. If your request has not been answered, don't take this as personal; the editor simply does not use any of these networks.

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