28 February 2012

Watching a master

The BIB editor reports:

Today's delivery to me from Bluegrass on the Tube came in the form of a three-minute video of J.D. Crowe & the New South on stage in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2009, playing one of the songs that made Rounder 0044 (1975) a classic album - the Utah Phillips song 'Rock salt and nails'.

The video is notable for its closeups on J.D.'s hands, not on a lead break, but while he is backing up the singing - an essential part of the banjo's role, and something at which J.D. is an acknowledged master. You can see and hear it here and on YouTube.

J.D. is also one of two prominent banjo players to be honoured by awards at this year's Uncle Dave Macon Days festival at Murfreesboro, TN, in July. Read more here.

PS: For an extra treat, see further close looks at J.D.'s backup and lead work on 'Sally Goodin', here.

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