06 September 2011

Dailey & Vincent in Dublin - on YouTube

Dailey & Vincent conclusively demonstrated at Omagh over the past weekend why they and their band are arguably the hottest act in bluegrass right now. And not only on stage: at the McAuley Lecture on Sunday, conducted by Prof. Jack Bernhardt, they explained in detail how carefully and thoroughly, over years as sidemen in top-ranking bands, they had planned and prepared for launching their joint career.

So: thanks to Sharon Loughrin for this link, which she received via Facebook from Darrin Vincent, to a video that D&V posted on their YouTube channel yesterday, showing the band arriving in Dublin, visiting St Patrick's cathedral (above), and singing a trio verse of 'Amazing grace' there. Well worth seeing and hearing.

Sharon and Arnie present the Water Tower Bucket Boys (USA) at their Red Room in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, tomorrow night (Wed. 7 Sept.).

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