22 July 2011

Lazy Tater - with an ambition to play in Ireland

The cover story in the latest issue of Bluegrass Europe, the official EBMA magazine, is about the fine Netherlands band Lazy Tater, composed of (l-r in the photo) Jan Pals (mandolin), Beppie Gasman (bass), Ronnie Snippe (guitar), and Gert van Schoonderwoerd den Beszemer (banjo).

Near the end of the interview the band are asked: 'Which is your most favourite place, where would you want to play some day?' And their answer:

Ireland, or some festival in the US. Mainly, it's important to play where the people like us and we like the people.

Ireland's experience with bands from the Netherlands has been 100% positive up to date, and the BIB editor confidently recommends Lazy Tater to Irish festival and event organisers to maintain that record - speaking of which, they have two CDs of their own. NB: no mandolins were harmed in the making of the photograph.



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