24 May 2009

Free video lessons and more for banjo

Thanks to Denis Hayes of Cork, who reports:

I just want to inform the 5-string banjo-players that the Music Moose website is being closed down but will be replaced by this website. There is some great free lessons here for anyone with the inclination to learn some banjo.

The Moose will be off the internet from 1 June 2009. The farewell notice by its originators is worth reading, and part of it follows:

The Moose started out as a place where people could come and learn from top caliber talent, and we think we actually managed to achieve some of that goodness. We'll be leaving up the lesson videos on revver and YouTube, so you can at least keep learning, but alas, the cartoon moose we all know and love won't be around anymore.

I would like to truly thank each and every one of you who made the Moose what it was while we were up and running. This has been a great community of folks who've been passionate about learning, and if you learned one lick from any of the videos or forums, then it was worth it. Keep the Moose spirit alive wherever you go!

The new website takes the form of a blog by David Cavage (photo above), formerly banjo-player of the Hickory Project (USA), a powerhouse of a band who have appeared several times in Ireland, chiefly at the Dunmore East festival. David's blog includes all the banjo instruction material formerly on Music Moose, reorganised to serve the user better. It includes literally scores of video lessons, grouped in miniseries of which the most recent demonstrates the style of Don Reno.

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