08 August 2023

News and instruction from Deering

The Deering Banjo Company announce the second episode of their pre-recorded clawhammer banjo instruction series presented by Michael J. Miles with co-host David Bandrowski. The 34-minute episode, which develops the theme of song accompaniment with a focus on filler licks, can be seen on YouTube. Michael plays a Goodtime in the episode. Deering also draw attention to their Vega Vintage Star, about which Deering write:

At the heart of the Vintage Star lies a stunning Dobson tone ring. Originally patented by Henry Dobson in 1881, the Dobson balances the low ends with clear highs and adds just the right amount of sustain to the banjo. The brass Dobson glows from behind the renaissance head, which itself sits on a thinner walled, 12” violin grade maple rim. A knotless tailpiece tops off the set up to produce a classic old-time tone.

© Richard Hawkins

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