26 July 2023

More on the Joachim Cooder tour, 29 Aug.-1 Sept. 2023

Following upon the BIB posts of 19 June and 12 July about the tour a month from now by Joachim Cooder, backed by Mark Fain (bass) and Rayna Gellert (fiddle), the BIB thanks Nigel Martyn, whose Old Flattop agency has organised the tour. Nigel sends the poster image (right) and a link to a five-minute YouTube video about the making of Over that road I'm bound, Joachim Cooder's album of Uncle Dave Macon songs. Nigel also draws attention to Cooder's use of an electric mbira, sounding like the offspring of a banjo and an autoharp. Links for booking tickets are given on the BIB calendar.

Richard Hawkins

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