10 May 2023

For guitarists (and others)

The latest e-newsletter from the Fretboard Journal (FJ) is entitled 'Ten things we love right now'. The list includes:
The FJ includes a link to David Katznelson's 'The down home music man', a fine obituary of Chris Strachwitz, concentrating on the many blues and zydeco artists he recorded, but also mentioning the first album by Del McCoury (left) as a bandleader. For a much fuller account of the debt bluegrass and related music owes to Arhoolie recordings, see Richard Thompson's major obituary of him on Bluegrass Today, with no fewer than twenty-three embedded videos from YouTube.

Update 12 May: Daniel Sheehy, director and curator emeritus of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, which took over the Arhoolie catalogue, has a major article celebrating Chris Strachwitz on the Smithsonian website.

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