12 May 2023

'Don't hold back' from Rick Faris

The latest Dark Shadow Recording press release announces a new single from Rick Faris - 'Don't hold back', the third single from his forthcoming album Uncommon sky. The idea for the song came from Evan Dickerson, who co-wrote it with Rick. The Dark Shadow release classifies it as a motivational gospel song; Rick says it 'resonated with my running routine of praying and asking God to reveal where I am falling short. Boy, you wanna talk about a prayer that works!'

For anyone who didn't become acquainted with Rick during his eleven years on mandolin or guitar with Special Consensus, including several tours of Ireland, more details on his career are on the press release. Coincidentally, today (Fri. 12 May) Compass Records release the Special C.'s latest album: their tribute to Canada, Great blue North.

© Richard Hawkins

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