11 January 2023

Well of souls: a special offer for BIB readers

The BIB editor writes:

The BIB first mentioned Kristina R. Gaddy's new book Well of souls: uncovering the banjo's hidden history on 26 Nov. 2022, after it had been the subject of an hour-long podcast interview with the author and a two-page feature in the latest issue of British Bluegrass News, both by Matt Hutchinson. It has since been briefly mentioned on 6 Dec. and 4 Jan.

These mentions were a hint that this is an important book for anyone interested in banjo history; but don't take my word for it. In the course of Jake Blount's appearance on Deering Live on 30 Nov., he said of Well of souls: '... it's the banjo book; it's incredible.' It also has a foreword by Rhiannon Giddens; a sample of the main text can be read on Amazon.co.uk.

We are therefore delighted to be able to extend - by courtesy of the publishers, W.W. Norton & Company - a special offer to BIB readers. To order Well of souls at a special member discount of 30%, please click here and add the code WN908 when prompted at the checkout. This link is effective till 31 Aug. 2023.
Kristina R. Gaddy (photo: Joanna Tillman)

Update 12 Jan.: Well of Souls also appears on the list of No Depression's '2022’s most memorable music books', along with (among others) Bob Black's Mandolin man: the bluegrass life of Roland White.

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