18 January 2023

'Wayfaring Stranger' - and more - back on BBC4 TV, Fridays

Thanks again to Des Butler, who first drew our attention five years ago to the three-part TV series 'Wayfaring Stranger', presented on BBC2 by Phil Cunningham (right), on the passage of music from Scotland to Ireland and from Ireland to America. Des now writes:

You may be aware of it, but if not I just wanted to let you know that the series 'Wayfaring Stranger' with Phil Cunningham is being rerun on BBC4 on Friday nights at 21.00 hrs. starting last Friday, and is followed by two half-hour sessions of "Transatlantic Sessions". I think it is well worth watching again.

Next Friday also has a follow-up of Reginald D. Hunter's "Songs of the Border".

For those of us who missed the repeat of episode 1 of 'Wayfaring Stranger', it's available here.

© Richard Hawkins

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