03 January 2023

North Carolina comes to Rathmines

Thanks to Patrick Simpson of the Bluestack Mountain Boys / Dublin Bluegrass Collective, hosts of the weekly Dublin Bluegrass Jam Session at Mother Reilly's, 28-32 Upper Rathmines Road, Dublin, for this news of the New Year's Day jam - among those taking part were banjo maestro Hank Smith (below right) of Hank, Pattie & the Current and Billie Feather, the Current's guitarist. Patrick writes:

We had two lovely visitors from N. Carolina, USA, join us for a pickathon at last Sunday's Bluegrass Jam in Ma Reilly's. Hank & Billie were a great addition to the great energy of the night. Sent to us via Paddy Kiernan (Nava). Thanks for sending them our way. I hope they enjoy themselves in Ireland and will join us again soon. Great to see some of the Old School Heads, was a great night. Happy New Year and we hope to see you all some Sunday 7.00-11.00 p.m. Also special thanks to our new sponsor, ALDI.

In the photo below, Hank is in the left foreground and Billie is playing bass. Hank has since celebrated the evening on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. The BIB hopes this publicity will bring more visitors to Dublin's Bluegrass Jam.
© Richard Hawkins

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