11 January 2023

Michael Miles shows the versatility of clawhammer

The Deering Banjo Company announce that Michael J. Miles is the featured artist being interviewed (and playing music) tonight on Deering Live and YouTube, under the title 'Unlimited rhythms of clawhammer banjo'. Deering's blurb for the evening reads:

This week we welcome Michael Miles back to Deering Live to demonstrate and teach us about how rhythmically versatile the clawhammer style of playing the 5-string banjo can be and how this style can be utilized to play many different genres of music.

Deering also draw attention to some of their range of banjos specially suited to clawhammer playing, from the Goodtime Americana at $749.00 to the Vega Old Time Wonder at $2,299/2,349 and the Vega Vintage Star at $2,599.

© Richard Hawkins

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