25 January 2023

In-depth old-time workshops at Gainsborough, 10-12 Feb. 2023

Thanks again to the FOAOTMAD news blog, organ of the UK's national association for old-time music and dance, for full details of the workshop programme at this year's Gainsborough old-time festival, which is now just over a fortnight away (Fri. 10 Feb.-Sun. 12 Feb.)

No fewer than twenty-three workshops are to be given during the weekend. The list (on both the news blog and the completely redesigned festival website) includes aspects of repertoire, rhythm, harmony, how to relate to other players and other instruments, body percussion, and much more. (The printed title of one of the workshops given by Rachel Eddy (USA) lends itself to a feeble joke, but BIB readers can discover that for themselves.) Gainsborough's position as 'Europe’s biggest and best American old-time music festival' is well reaffirmed.

© Richard Hawkins

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