18 December 2022

New online clawhammer classes (beginner and intermediate) from Ken Perlman

The BIB reported a week ago on the January 2023 online classes in the 'Clawhammer clinic' series from Ken Perlman, master of 'melodic clawhammer' banjo. Ken now announces that on Tuesdays in January and February he will be teaching two new online instruction courses, both beginning on 10 Jan.

Each course costs $165.00 and consists of six weekly classes. The 'Get started at clawhammer' course is (quote) 'for complete or near beginners to clawhammer style (it’s OK if you’ve never even touched a banjo before)' (unquote). The 'Intermediate clawhammer banjo' course is for players with at least six months' to a year's experience of playing clawhammer. Each class will be an hour and a quarter long; beginner classes run from 6.30 to 7.45 p.m. EST, and intermediate classes from 8.00 to 9.15 p.m. EST (EST is five hours behind Irish time).

Note: Each course will use exercises and pieces from Ken's Centerstream/ Hal Leonard publication Clawhammer style banjo (see image above), so access to a copy will be an asset for anyone taking either course.

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