24 December 2022

A stocking filler from Bluegrass Today

John Lawless reports on Bluegrass Today on an intercultural cooperation between Dr Haiqiong Deng (right) and the Bottom Dollar Boys of Florida. Dr Deng is a master of the Chinese 21-string guzheng and 7-string guqin, has also studied Indian classical music, and engages with traditional forms of music from other cultures. In a video on Bluegrass Today and YouTube, she and the guzheng join the Bottom Dollar Boys in an impressive version of 'Duelling banjos'.

Some readers may remember the fine, high-powered, and very entertaining band Takeharu Kunimoto & The Last Frontier, in which the Japanese shamisen (samisen) joined a four-piece bluegrass group. A sample of their music can be heard here, and more is on YouTube.

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