21 November 2022

We Banjo 3: a sale, a tour, and a break

After their tour in Ireland, the members of We Banjo 3 send good wishes to all for the holiday season, and report:

It’s been a relatively quiet fall season for the band, though each of us have certainly been enjoying our own adventures – Fergal travelling to exotic places, Martin weaving around the US with the production Come from away, David on his first solo tour opening for world music artist Ajeet, and Enda continuing to conquer the wormhole between the banjo and technology.

The band have seven dates in the USA around late January and early February 2023 (see poster image). and then...

After these shows, We Banjo 3 is taking a break. We are making space for individual creative projects. We look forward to what happens in this space, and we’ll keep you posted. We are proud of everything we’ve created together with you all.

Their Holiday Sale offers 20% off all merchandise in their store till 1 Jan. 2023.

© Richard Hawkins

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